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Product List

Copolymer Coated Aluminum Tape

Product Description

Copolymer coated aluminum tape applies for shielding and moisture barrier for copper pair cables. It consists of an aluminum tape coated on one side or both sides with an adherent ethylene copolymer with clear or blue color. The copolymer provides excellent adhesion to the aluminium substrate and has the chemical resistance and general characteristics of low-density polyethylene and gives excellent bond strength to all types of polyethylene. Aluminum alloys available 1050, 1060, 1200, 1145, 8011 according to customized requirements.

Technical Data Sheet

Property Unit Values Test Method
Color   Natural or Blue N/A
Thickness Al 0.15/0.20 mm N/A
EAA 0.05 mm N/A
Tensile Strength MPa ≥65 ASTM E8
Elongation % ≥20 ASTM E8
Peel strength N/cm ≥6.13 ASTM B736
Heat Seal strength N/cm ≥17.5 ASTM B736
Corrosion resistance Grade 7  
Filler/ Flood Resistance 68 deg C/168 hrs   No Delamination REAPE-39,PE-89
Water Resistance 68 deg C/ 168 hrs, Peel Strength68℃ N/cm ≥6.13 ASTM B736
Dielectric Strength Two-Side, DC 1 Kv   No Break


Inner Diameter 76/150/406mm

Width Outer Diameter




Upto 1200mm

paper/steel/plastic cire


Keep the warehouse clean. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, pollution and all damage cuased by external forces.


Skilled operators should take or lay the materials gently, avoid scrap and crash problems.


The above mentioned data sheet should, however, only be regarded as a general guide to product properties and not as a guarantee. Some of the properties can be changed as a result of our efforts to improve the quality of our products. All listed test method is just for reference, actual test performed according to modified equipment and conditions.

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